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ORSC-CERT - Organizing and Social Change


Official Name of Program

Organizing and Social Change

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

CERTLT30 - Certificate



NYSED Program Code

42459 - ORSC-CERT

CIP Code


The Certificate in Organizing and Social Change provides students with the theoretical and historical foundations as well as with the practical skills required to pursue careers as organizers for social change in their communities and workplaces. The curriculum of the Certificate draws on a variety of academic disciplines - sociology, political science, history, urban studies, labor studies, etc. – to provide students with a multifaceted knowledgebase and skill set necessary for effective participation in a wide range of organizing contexts: from local community organizations to labor unions to national political campaigns. The program allows students to explore all of the critical dimensions of the critical dimension of leadership required for successful organizing: mobilizing resources, inspiring people, communicating effectively, developing secondary leaders, managing organizations, and thinking strategically. Students will not only learn about the theory and history of different groups’ approaches to organizing, but also will engage with leading practitioners and apply classroom concepts to complex real-world problems. At the center of the Certificate is the articulation of organizing and leadership, racial and economic justice, and worker and community power. The program will prepare students to pursue careers in a broad range of organizations dedicated to achieving social change.  Distance Education Format