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Alicia Arana – Public Programming, B.A. Hunter College, J.D. New York Law School

Betsy Avila-Fernandez – Communications

Nana Ama Ampah, Administrative Executive Assistant, Deans Office M.A. NYU Wagner

Orson Barzola, Enrollment Services Coordinator, B.A. Queens College, M.S. Candidate Barry University

Nelly Benavides, Deputy to Associate Dean of Administration and Operations, M.A.

Dorothy Benson, Director Finance and Business Affairs, B.A. Fordham University

Sonia Bernstein, LEAP to Teacher Writing & Research Consultant-Lehman College, M.A.

Xalya Branch, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Keenya Browne Skelton, Workforce Development Administrative Coordinator, B.A. Brooklyn College

Rob Callaghan, Enrollment Specialist, B.A. Hampshire College, M.S. Hunter College

Shayna Cody, LEAP to Teacher Writing & Technology Tutor, BMCC, B. A. Lehman College

Donna Contreras-Aguirre, Counseling and Wellness Psychological Counselor, MSW, New York University, Shirley Ehrenkranz School of Social Work

Emily Eklund – Learning Hub, B.A. Montclair State University, M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts

Suzette Ellington Finance Budget Specialist

Maryam (Sara) Esfarayeni, Director of Murphy Institute Worker Education & Workforce Development, M. S. Beheshti University, M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College - Columbia University

Paula Finn, Director of The Center for Public Engagement, M.A. New York University, B.A. Barnard

Laura Flanders – Dean’s Office, B.A. Barnard College

Irene Garcia-Mathes, Graduate Senior Academic Advisor Labor Studies M.A., Ph.D. Candidate NYU Tish School of the Arts

Michael Gilbert, education and title

Michael Giliberti, Bursar, B.A St. John's University, MPA John Jay College

Carl Ginsburg – Dean’s Office, J.D. Northeastern University

 Sasha Graybosch – Learning Hub, B.A. University of Kansas, M.F.A. New York University

Laurie Grimes, Enrollment Registrar Director, B.A. College of Staten Island, M.A. College of Staten Island

Zenzile Green-Daniel, Office Assistant, B.A. Graduate Center Interdisciplinary Studies

Stephen Greenfeld, Academic Program Manager Urban Studies, B.A. the College of William and Mary, M.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Ph.D. Columbia University

Halsey Hazzard – Workforce Development, B.S. New York University

Eileen Hawkins-Bauman, Senior Writer and Communications Officer, B.A. Millsaps College, M.A. Hunter College

Kelvin Huang IT Support Staff

Rose Imperato Academic Scholarship and Awards Coordinator, B.A. SUNY Stony Brook, M.A. Syracuse University

Antoinette Isable-Jones, Director, Communications & Marketing, B.A. City College

Jennifer James – Dean’s Office, B.S. Syracuse University

Tunde Jakab, LEAP to Techer (LTT) Site Coordinator at College of Staten Island (CSI), Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Missouri

Christina Johnson – Institutional Research and Assessment, B.S. Brooklyn College

Elizabeth Kane, LEAP to Techer Writing & Research Consultant at Brooklyn College, B.A. SUNY Fredonia, M.A. Goddard College

Laurie Kellogg Special Program Assistant

Kitty Krupat, Staff, B.A., M.A. New York University, M.Phil / ABD, New York University

Michael Lalan, Public Program Coordinator, Murphy Institute-Center for Labor, Community & Policy Studies B.A. Duke University

Maureen LaMar, Labor Studies Program Manager, B.A. Hunter College. M.S. The New School

Aaron Lenchner, Creative Content Manager Communications and Marketing B.F.A Conservatory of Theatre Arts, SUNY Purchase

Heysel Llopis -Rodas, Worker Education Academic Advisor, Queens College, B. A. Queens College, M.A. Queens College

Martha Luna-Vega – Operations

Gregory Mantsios, Founding Dean B.A. Queens College, M.A., Queens College, Ph.D. Union Institute and University

Abraham Marcus, College Prep Program Coordinator Worker Education, A.B. Harvard College, M.A. Brooklyn College

Joanne Mason, Worker Education Manager, B.A. Queens College

Laura Meltzer, Alumni Coordinator, B.A. CUNY Queens College, M.A. CUNY School of Professional Studies 

Diana Mercdo, Budget Analyst, A.S., Ashworth College

Meghan Moore-Wilk, Ph.D? Interim Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Cherise Mullings, Assistant Director of Admissions, B.A. Queens College, M.A. Queens College

Nikki Neysmith - Career Specialist, B.B.A. Temple University, M.A. Brooklyn College

Anita Palathingal – Public Programming. M.A. University of Kerala, India, M.A. New School for Social Research, M.Phil New School for Social Research

Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Title IX Coordinator B.A. Saint John's University, M.S. City College, P.D. CW Post Long Island University Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Pablo Perez LEAP to Teacher Site Coordinator at BMCC, B.A Hunter College, M.A. CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, MS. Ed. Bank St. College, J.D. Seton Hall University

Katiana Pierre -Jean, Enrollment Coordinator, B.A. John Jay College

Rochel Pinder-Cuffie, Director of Student and Community Affairs, B.B.A. Baruch College, M.P.A. Baruch College, Ed.D. Candidate Northeastern University

Padraig O’Donoghue, Manager Student Support and Retention, B.A. CUNY B.A. Program, Hunter College

Jaime Olmos – Enrollment / Urban Studies, B.A. University of Illinois, M.A. Rutgers University, M.Ed. Columbia University

Nadhia Rahman, Administrative Coordinator, B.A. John Jay College, M.S. Hunter College

Estrella Redondo – Enrollment, B.S. SUNY New Paltz, M.A. Queens College

Jeff Rickman, Director Information Technology

Keysha Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator

Marie Romani, Administrative Coordinator Labor Studies and Urban Studies, A.A.S. Bronx Community College, B.S. Lehman College, M.S. Barry University

Walter Romney College Assistant

Arthur Rothschild, Basic Skills Instructor, B.A. State University of New York at Stony Brook, M.S. Syracuse University, Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin

Jonathan Rubin, LEAP to Teacher Math Tutor, College of Staten Island (CSI) & Techer Certification Exam Prep Workshop Facilitator, B.S .The College of Staten Island (CSI) M.S. The College of Staten Island,

Michael Rymer, Coordinator Writing Center, B.A. Brown University, M.F.A. Sarah Lawrence College, M.A. City College

Burt Sacks, Associate Dean for Operations B.A. Long Island University, M.A. Long Island University, M.A. Long Island University, P.D. Yeshiva University

Francine Sanchez Worker Education Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Queens College, B.A. Queens College

Sassy Sasson, LEAP to Teacher Site Coordinator- Brooklyn College, D.S.W. Yeshiva University

Carol Schwartz, LEAP to Teacher Academic Advisor, Queens College, M.S. Counselor Education, Queens College

Andrea Selonick, Managing Editor New Labor Forum Murphy Institute for Public Engagement, B.A. University of Rochester

Elizabeth Sergile, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, B.A. Hunter College, M.A. Brooklyn College, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School/University Center

Samina Shahidi, Academic Advisor and Coordinator for Urban Studies MA Program and the Workplace Democracy and Community Ownership Graduate Certificate Program, B.A. Fordham University, Teaching Fellow and M.A. Lehman College, M.A. Graduate Center (EGD January 2022)

Michael Shapiro, LEAP to Teacher Advisor at, Lehman College, Teacher Certification Exam Prep Workshops Facilitator, B.A. New York University, M.A. NY State University at Stony Brook, Ph.D. NY State University at Stony Brook

Irene HongPing Shin, Coordinator International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment, B.A. Columbia University, MSW Hunter School of Social Work

Kevin Simmons, Academic Program Specialist, B.A. York College, M.A. Queens

Jean Carlos Soto Worker Education Writing and Research Consultant, Queens College, B.A. Lehman College

Lindsay Stewart – Learning Hub, B.A. DePaul University, M.A. University of Colorado, M.F.A Columbia University

Sean Sweeney Director of International Program, Ph.D. University of Bath, UK

Daniel Tehrani – Learning Hub, B.A. Pomona College, M.A. Hunter College

Lucy Torres – Learning Hub, B.A. Queens College, M.F.A. Queens College

Ralph Tricoche, IT Coordinator

Ann Tullio Registrar Assistant, B.S. City College, M.A. Queens College

Krafins Valcin Blackboard Specialist

Melanie Vargas, Worker Education Program Assistant, Queens College, B.A. City College of New York

Jeanne Wasilik – Learning Hub, M.F.A. Queens College

Cheneyere Williamson – Career Specialist, B.B. York University, M.S. Long Island University

Nathanie Yaskey – Learning Hub, B.F.A. New York University, M.F.A. candidate Columbia University