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The Office of the Registrar is committed to ensuring the integrity of the University’s academic records. We maintain and protect the accuracy, integrity and security of all student records, and student personal information in compliance with all CUNY, State and Federal regulations, policies and procedures. We also strive to enhance the educational experience by serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater community.


Prior to Enrollment Date: Please log into your CUNYfirst account and review any holds you may have. All students must complete the Meningitis Acknowledgement in self- service. If you are registering for six or more credits you must submit your immunization record.

Before the registration period, students must consult with their program advisor; plan a schedule of courses; and remove all holds (Bursar, Immunization, and Financial Aid).

Schedule Builder is an application tool that enables students to plan and register for courses that meet their schedules and other needs. This application shows courses listed in the University’s course schedule (i.e., CUNYfirst) and allows students to select those courses based on desired time, location, availability and other factors.

Before logging into Schedule Builder, please review the Schedule Builder Glossary

Schedule Builder Access

  • Log into CUNYfirst with your credentials, click on Student Center tile

  • Click the Schedule Builder tile to access the Schedule Builder application.

  • Once the application opens, Schedule Builder’s welcome page should appear.

  • Next, Select the term in which you would like to search for classes directly on the welcome page.

For more information visit our website

View Class Schedule:

To view current class schedule; open Student Center tile in CUNYFirst, click on Schedule Builder tile, select term, move slider on the bottom of the calendar to view week by week class schedule.

Immunization Records:

It is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar to maintain CUNY’s compliance with Public Health Law 2165 which requires all students born after 12/31/1956 to present proof of immunizations against measles, mumps, and rubella. The immunization requirements are as follows:

  1. Proof of two (2) doses of live measles virus vaccine given after 1968. The first dose should be administered on or after your first birthday and the second dose must be administered at least 28 days after the first dose. A blood test showing immunity to measles will also satisfy this requirement.

  2. One dose of live mumps vaccine administered on or after your first birthday, or a blood test showing immunity.

  3. One dose of live rubella vaccine administered on or after your first birthday or a blood test showing immunity.

Acceptable Proof of Immunization:

  1. vaccination card from childhood (i.e. yellow book signed and stamped):

  2. immunization records from your doctor’s office (Signed and Stamped with your doctor’s license number by your doctor or clinic);

  3. high school or prior college’s immunization records;

  4. blood test (Original Lab Report is Required) proving immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR titer);

  5. certificate of immunization from INS or country of origin (for international students)*; or

  6. honorable discharge papers from military service, within 10 years of discharge*.

*typically these sources demonstrate only ONE dose of measles vaccine, so you might be required to provide additional materials documenting a second dose of measles vaccine.

In addition, New York State Public Health Law 2167 requires that all students (regardless of age) complete a Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccination Response Form to indicate that they have read and received information about Meningococcal Meningitis prior to registering for classes.

It is very important to submit these documents on time; failure to do so will prevent you from registering.

For more information about Immunization Requirements, click here. Click here for the CUNY SLU Immunization Record form. If you have any questions about the immunization requirements at CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies, please call us at (646) 313-6415 or email us at


Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program at a CUNY campus starting with the Spring 2019 semester may register for CUNY courses through ePermit. In many cases, CUNY courses are considered equivalent to and may be substituted for courses in CUNY degree programs. As part of the ePermit process, registrars and faculty advisors at the student’s home college must approve this request. Students are kept informed via email of the status of their permit requests. If the student’s home college rejects the request, he or she is notified via email, with the reason indicated in the email message. SLU students may use the ePermit process to take courses at other CUNY schools that may satisfy some of the General Education/Pathway requirements for undergraduate degree programs. How to apply for ePermit.

Degree Works

DegreeWorks is an online advisement tool for undergraduate/graduate students and their advisors that shows student progress toward completion of degree requirements. All currently registered CUNY SLU undergraduate/graduate students have a DegreeWorks account.

DegreeWorks functions as a self-advisement tool that allows students to regularly track their degree progress as well as to plan for future registrations. Students will be able to see how specific College requirements have been met and what courses they need to take to fulfill the requirements that are remaining.

What Are the Benefits of Using DegreeWorks?

  1. Determine what requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree.

  2. View individual course grades, cumulative grade-point average (GPA), and major average.

  3. Determine which courses you have taken or transferred, and which ones count as electives.

  4. View transfer credits, waivers, and exemptions applied towards your degree.

  5. See how your coursework could be applied toward another major, minor, certificate or major concentration using the “What if” option.

  6. Confirm your academic standing.

  7. Estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.

For questions about your DegreeWorks audit, please contact the registrar at CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

For questions about course selection or your academic plan, please contact your academic advisor.