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COML-CERT - Community Leadership


Official Name of Program

Community Leadership

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

CERTLT30 - Certificate



NYSED Program Code

38444 - COML-CERT

CIP Code


The Undergraduate Certificate in Community Leadership provides students with the skills to help them participate effectively in political processes on behalf of communities. The curriculum of the Certificate in Community Leadership draws on a variety of academic disciplines to provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to address issues facing urban residents through community level work.

Students gain the educational and professional credentials needed to pursue careers in public service, specifically in local nonprofits, community advocacy organizations, government agencies, and elected office. Using New York City and its diverse municipalities as the classroom, students learn how communities are organized, how nonprofits serve constituents, and how community engagement can result in social progress and political power. Students gain a deeper awareness of the importance of lived experience in the creation of urban policy and understand what factors influence how communities are organized.


Graduates of the program may pursue entry and mid-level positions at community-based nonprofits and community-level public sector work relating to community organizing, equity, housing, community economic development, climate change adaptation and resilience, political participation, and immigrant rights. In addition, students who complete courses in the certificate program can apply the credits earned towards our program in program. These credits may also be applied to other college degree programs within CUNY. Students should contact these other colleges to ensure that the Certificate’s credits will transfer.